Jamie Vardy to Real Madrid doesn’t seem so crazy anymore

When Jamie Vardy was linked with Real Madrid at the back end of October my initial thought was ‘no way’, but now I’m not so sure.

Credit to him for matching Ruud van Nistlerooy’s record – in fact I’d argue he’s bettered it given he’s done it in the same season – and that’s obviously been noticed across Europe.

The claims of Real interest in the Foxes forward first emerged on fichajes.net and that’s why I was so sceptical to start with. These guys keep popping up with various rumours that get noticed and so far I can’t think of one they’ve got right but there’s always a first time.

When you wade through as much transfer speculation as I do you get an idea of which publications can be trusted, to a degree, and which are full of shit.

Fichajes fall into the latter category, but if you throw enough excrement at the ceiling some of it will eventually stick and Vardy to Real is no longer sounding quite so ridiculous.

He’s already gone from non-league to full England international and an almost guaranteed pick for Euro 2016 in less than four years, that’s Roy of the Rovers stuff.  Throw in a move to Madrid and it becomes Roy of the Rovers on acid but as the Premier League’s top scorer it would be a bit of a surprise if no one is thinking about a January move, and why not Real?

Is Vardy good enough to play for Real?

This is the big question and honestly I think he may just be.  I’ve not seen him play live (as in actually there, not just on TV) enough to know whether or not his off the ball movement and positional play is up there with the elite European players, but his touch and goal scoring ability, clearly, wouldn’t be out of place at the Bernabeu and any other aspects can be worked on in training. At 28 age is also on his side, just, but the key factor is his speed.

Vardy has clocked the fastest speed in the Premier League this season and if anything will have caught the attention of the Real scouts it’s that.  When you’ve got Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo in attack whoever plays with them has got to be able to keep up – and Vardy could.  He’d also be eligible to play in the Champions League and that may well come into Los Blancos’ thoughts when they’re looking for January additions.

Will Leicester let him go?

They won’t want to but if Real come calling there isn’t much you can do about it.  Vardy is under contract until 2018 so the Foxes would be due a hefty fee but they’re unlikely to stand in his way.

Anything else?

Marca keep talking him up.  Not necessarily in terms of a potential move to Real but they’re making a big deal over his goal scoring exploits.  When they talk about Real you have to listen, although sometimes I’m not sure if their reports are based on what is going to happen or what they’d like to happen.  Real tend to go for big names and Vardy doesn’t fall into that category just yet, unlike a Marco Reus or a Robert Lewandowski for example, but if Marca keep their attentions on him he will do.

Then there’s the Karim Benzema situation… if for any reason he becomes unavailable they would need a back-up and Vardy fits the bill there as far as I’m concerned.  Chances are they’ll want a striker in January and the Leicester star is the in-form guy in Europe, and probably more affordable than most of the other options.

Admittedly, I still don’t see this deal happening in January.  I’d give it about a 3/10 chance of going through but when the reports first emerged I put that at about 1/100. If he keeps scoring someone is bound to come calling and a Real Madrid bid no longer looks so ludicrous when you break it down.

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