Gonzo’s Betting Diary; Misery, Despair and Destitution

In four short weeks I’ve gone from ‘betting tips’, to ‘betting ideas’ to ‘betting diary’.  Now the words misery, despair and destitution have had to join party for this unmitigated disaster of unprecedented proportions.

I could, and probably should, give up – but where’s the fun in that?  If you want to take my advice that’s your prerogative, don’t say I didn’t warn you – but if I was reading this garbage I’d slam my laptop shut and smash the shit out of it with the heaviest thing I could find.  All the while screaming ‘you’re a fucking moron’ over and over and over again until my lungs bled, because for the love of God who uses unmitigated and unprecedented in the same sentence?

Me, when I’ve titled as it turns out.

The Europa League is one of the hardest competitions to bet on.  You never know how seriously a particular team is going to take it, and which players a manager is likely to select.

But I need a win so I’m going for an ambitious fourfold, but with a small stake so let’s call this a 1 point bet.

I’m going to go for two of the 4pm kick offs, and Dortmund at Krasnodar at evens has tempted me.  Russia isn’t an easy place to go but BVB have got a much stronger squad, and a win would guarantee top spot in the group (as would a draw).   On the basis that Russia is a tough place to go I’ve also gone for Rubin Kazan at home to FC Sion, as Kazan need a win and they’re a tasty 13/10.

Fiorentina have been a strange one in Europe as they’ve won two away and lost two at home.  I think they’ll carry on that pattern and just nick it at Basel at 7/5.  My last call is Ajax at Celtic at 6/4, again it is a big ask but the Scottish side have been so poor in Europe and they have to win, as such I reckon the Dutch giants will hit them on the counter.

As a fourfold that pays out at 27/1 so if it lands I’m back in profit, fingers crossed.

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