Gonzo Sports Digest; Managerial Madness and More

We’ve had a busy day for a Wednesday, that’s what happens when there’s no Champions League football people get antsy, so I’ve decided to smash out a daily round up.

Chelsea hold discussions

Yep, Chelsea having a chat about whether or not to stick or twist when it comes to Jose Mourinho is big news today.  To be honest I don’t see why the Leicester result has taken such significance; the Foxes are top of the league on merit and their 2-1 win over Mourinho’s men on Monday  – who are at the wrong end of the table on merit – was no real surprise.

No one seems to have any clue as to whether or not the ‘not so special anymore one’ will be in the hot seat for the visit of fellow strugglers Sunderland at the weekend.  My hunch is he will be but I could be wrong, if he is then that’s the must win – if you can’t beat Sunderland at home you deserve to be sacked.  The Times have claimed Juande Ramos could replace him until the end of the season if he does go, but that is surely bullshit.

Guardiola will make a decision and when he does he’ll tell us about it

More potential managerial merry-go-round murmurings and Pep Guardiola’s announcement that he will make another announcement next week has sent the speculation peddlers into a frenzy.  Essentially we know nothing new, he’s still out of contract at the end of the season and he’s still saying “I’ll tell you before the end of 2015” but there you go, the former Barcelona boss speaks and everyone else listens.

Sky ‘football expert’ (when did expert start to mean gobshite? Has anyone alerted the Oxford Dictionary people yet?) Guillem Balague obviously jumped on this like a ravenous polar bear on an already wounded, blind and abandoned baby seal. He thinks Guardiola is Premier League bound, or at least wants to be, and Man City are the likely candidates. If that’s the case we won’t know that until the summer – if he is leaving Bayern but plans to stay until the end of the campaign then whoever he’s replacing, be it Manuel Pellegrini or Louis van Gaal at Man United, probably won’t be informed by their own club, although Jupp Heynckes was…  It’s all ifs and buts – and if he does say he’s leaving this could rumble on for a while, when he left Barca he took a year off and perhaps he’ll do that again, maybe he’ll agree new terms in Munich who knows?

Andy Murray could quit the Australian Open

Andy Murray’s first child is due in February but if his wife Kim drops the sprog early he’ll quit the Australian Open to be there.  That’s a big statement from the world number two, I’d imagine a title in Melbourne is top of his agenda aside from another Wimbledon win.

It has been a case of always the bridesmaid never the bride Down Under for the Scot, who has lost the final on four separate occasions.  That’s got to hurt, imagine if he has to walk away if he’s already in the semis or the final…

Chances are it won’t come to that, but it would be interesting if his noble words were put to the test.  Will he get straight back on a plane to Blighty?  Or will he be screaming “keep yer legs crossed ye radge bastard!” down the phone in Australia?

Brett Ferres’ dirty deeds earn NRL move

Huddersfield Giants have transfer listed England international Brett Ferres after suspending him for “conduct away from the field”, they haven’t reported what but The Sun ran a story about him nailing his team-mate’s Mrs on the sly so there you go.

Like most people who stayed in school beyond the age of 13, I’m usually sceptical when it comes to that nonsense rag but in the absence of anything else to go on I’m going to assume they’re correct.  Anyway, apparently his wandering schlong hasn’t put off interested parties as two NRL clubs – Gold Coast Titans and Wests Tigers – are reportedly keen.

Ferres must be in dreamland if that’s true, he gets to shag around and leave dreary Huddersfield for sunny Australia – that’s got to be a result in anyone’s eyes.  The other options are Salford and Hull FC, both notable shit holes (cheap shot I know, but it helps my point here so I’ve gone with it), so if you believe in karma he’ll be staying in the Super League and kept well away from any already taken womenfolk.

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