Gonzo Sports Digest; the Worst of 2015

I’ve done the best bits of 2015, here’s a look at some of the worst.  Not necessarily the very worst just what came to mind at the time of writing.

Rugby World Cup

There were some great moments at the Rugby World Cup as New Zealand,  the undisputed best team in the tournament, took the title and Japan produced a stunning win over South Africa.  There were brave displays from an injury-ravaged Wales and Scotland came out of it with a lot of credit too, but there were some real low points.

The manner of the Scots’ exit to Australia and running referee Craig Joubert would have been comical if it wasn’t so unjust.  Whenever poor officiating ruins a big event it is always a shame but this was one of the worst incidents I can remember at a Rugby World Cup.  Granted Australia may have won in any case but we’ll never know for sure.

Then there was the whole England debacle as the hosts crashed out at the Pool Stages.  The fact the press couldn’t handle it with any dignity and chose to single out Sam Burgess’ involvement was also disappointing, possibly even embarrassing.  Burgess had the tools to be a success in union but their loss is rugby league’s gain, and I look forward to seeing him tear it up at the Four Nations next year.


Drugs are generally awesome, but not when they’re used for cheating in sport. In athletics the Russians have hit the headlines like a nation of Lance Armstrongs in 2015 and there have been incidents in other sports too.  I won’t wax on about it too much, enough has been written by others anyway.  I quite like the idea of clean and ‘dirty’ competitions though, just let people jack up on whatever but keep them in separate tournaments.  Maybe we could try magic mushroom boxing or darts on crack, just a thought.

FIFA Corruption

The FIFA Corruption scandal just keeps rolling on, and on and on…  Sepp Blatter refuses to go away despite being handed a lengthy ban, while Michel Platini should have gone down as one of the game’s great talents but instead he’ll be remembered as a morally bankrupt old fucker, and his achievements on the pitch will forever be overshadowed if not tainted.

The beautiful game is seemingly being run by a bunch of criminals, swindlers and self-serving egotists – this has to change, but whether it will or not is anyone’s guess, my guess would be it won’t.

Perhaps one day I’ll do a full piece on both Fifa and drugs in sport, they deserve more than just a mention and to go into either deeper in this article would be pointless as when I do get round to doing a bigger article I’ll be covering old ground. But that’s all for 2016, maybe – if I don’t get distracted along the way.

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