Gonzo Betting Diary: Cheeky Midweek Serie A Bets

I’ve done alright lately with my own betting after a bit of a lean spell, but unfortunately nothing I’ve put up on here. Sticking my picks online seems to be jinxing them.

I’m Fairly sure that’s how these things work.

That’s the gambler in me and that’s also why I’m still posting them; the unshakeable belief that at some point the pendulum of betting will swing in my favour, the odds gods will bring me fortune…

If that doesn’t send the message that these shouldn’t be followed as expert advice you need more help than I do, I’ve tilted because I wanted this to go well and it hasn’t, so far.

So we turn to Serie A, who had the decency to stick a midweek fixture list in when there’s nothing doing in England.  These are the first fixtures after a two-and-a-half week break so essentially I’ve just gone for who I feel are the better teams, with less of a consideration on recent form.

Palermo v Fiorentina (KO 14:00)

I’ve seen quite a bit of Fiorentina this season and they’re a very good team.  I’m not sure they’ll be able to win the Scudetto but they should be able to at least get a top three spot.  Napoli and Juventus will probably end up as the top two but La Viola are legitimate contenders as far as I’m concerned and if anyone is to deny either of those two it could well be the Tuscan side.

Meanwhile, Palermo will be lucky to stay in the division – I really hope they do just to keep Maurizio Zamparini around.  Fiorentina should be just too strong for the hosts and at 5/6 they’re worth backing.

Chievo v Roma (KO 14:00)

Roma were by their standards on a torrid run before the winter break and have probably had to do a bit of soul searching over Christmas.  They’re only four points off the Scudetto pace but having been well clear of Juventus at one stage they now sit a point behind the multi-defending champions and they’ll see that as a big opportunity lost given how close they’ve been in recent years, or at least being the nearest challengers if not exactly ‘close’.

Chievo are good at home and prior to the break I wouldn’t have gone against them but as Roma need a win, and are the stronger team clearly, I’m going to side with them in this one at a top price 5/4.

Copa del Rey…. Valencia v Granada (KO 15:00)

I was struggling with my third Serie A so the last call comes from Spain’s Copa del Rey as Valencia at home to Granada looks a home banker.  Granted Gary Neville hasn’t won a game yet but he’s only had three attempts and a draw against Real Madrid, the final game of former Liverpool foe Rafa Benitez’s tenure no less, must have felt one.  Neville will probably make a few changes as he continues to get to know his team and that’s worth remembering. Either way Los Che are 8/13 and I’ll be taking that.

This pays out at 6.85 as a treble so as per I’ll be backing both singles and the multiple.

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