Gonzo Sports Digest; the Week’s Weirdest

A week’s weirdest?  On a Wednesday?  Madness.  That’s just how we do things here at Gonzo towers.

Chris Gayle gets shot down, then stamped on, the fined

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle clearly made a bit of an error asking Australian reporter Mel McLaughlin out live on TV, but the reaction afterwards has been something else.  Gayle’s been treated like some kind of sexual predator who should be kept away from women at all times.

He probably feels a bit embarrassed anyway, getting knocked back like that but to him I say don’t blush baby… then he’s been fined and there’s all this media scrutiny afterwards.  Call me crazy but I’d say that’s pretty rough, it’s not a Rolf Harris and Vanessa Feltz scenario after all.

There wasn’t quite this furore and outrage when interviewer Ian Cohen asked tennis player Eugenie Bouchard to “give us a twirl” at the Australian Open last year, personally I’d say an older guy making a young woman do something like that was infinitely worse than a man asking a woman of a similar age out for a drink but there you go.

Sadly, I can’t help but think that the fact Gayle is black has inflamed the situation further.  They’ve jumped on Gayle like a ravenous pack of dingoes on a defenceless baby platypus, albeit a seemingly/potentially misogynistic one. Then again who am I to accuse the Australian media, or indeed their wider society, of any inherent racism?  I mean, they treat their indigenous population fairly well don’t they? And there are no prison camps for migrants are there? Oh wait.

Mascot wars

That got a bit heavier than I’d expected, on a lighter note I came across a hilarious story in the Western Morning News regarding Torquay’s mascot.  Poor old Gilbert the Gull was banned from a televised game on New Year’s Day due to fears over his language.

All he wanted to do was “have a dance off” with Forest Green counterpart the Green Devil at half time too.

Even if he had been allowed in chances are he wouldn’t have got his wish anyway, as a Forest Green spokesman confirmed “The Green Devil don’t dance.”

Who would have thought a man who spends his Saturday afternoons dressed in a giant seagull costume could be a bit of an odd one eh?

Whiner of the week

The big baby award goes to no fun pundit Alan Shearer.  He took exception to The Times reporter Rory Smith’s tweet and felt the need to respond in true toys out the pram style:


Maybe that was a bit of a cheap dig, perhaps there’s some bad blood between the two I don’t know. Anyone with half a brain can see the point he’s essentially making is the return of a playing hero doesn’t always work out in management, Shearer just happens to be the example he’s chosen and for me it works.  No one really believes taking over that Newcastle side back then is truly comparable to becoming Real Madrid boss.  Smith is just adding a bit of flavour to his output for audience entertainment, something Shearer would do well to try with his grim punditry on Match of the Day #poorpunditry.

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