Gonzo Sports Digest; hold tight

I’ve got a few articles in the pipeline but unfortunately I’m a bit too busy with paid work at the moment to get down to it.  In the meantime, here are a few things worth reading/checking out and hopefully I’ll be able to get something decent done in the next few days.

Adam Johnson trial

I was thinking about doing something on former Sunderland winger Adam Johnson but it’s all a bit too depressing, besides there’s enough stuff out there anyway.  If you are keen to follow the soon-to-be convicted sex offender’s trial (that’s cool to say yeah? he’s plead guilty to two charges… fuck it – his legal team are probably too busy to deal with the likes of me at the moment) this Guardian reporter is live tweeting from the trial.  Be warned, it is pretty dark.

Euro 2016

Wondering how France got such an easy ride in terms of the draw?  I’m not, that’s because the Irish Independent published a cracking article about how it works before the draw was actually made.  You can read it here.


I’m not really an NFL fan but ‘Deflategate’ captured my attention.  Why does everyone hate the New England Patriots? What’s going on with Tom Brady?  How can his wife be both super-hot and look a bit like a dude?  The Rolling Stone answers two of those three questions here.

Footballers robbing a casino

Some Hannover 96 youth players tried to rob a casino, madness, but chickened out.  Here is the story via ESPN.  If I was to hazard a guess I’d say perhaps they lost a shit load at said casino and tried to get their money back the only way they knew how, by breaking in and fucking stuff up.  I’ve been tempted before, hell I’d probably have done it myself if actual casinos let me in – most of my gambling is done from my couch in my pants and you can’t commit an armed robbery on your own laptop.

That’s all for now, hold tight I’ll be back with something more substantial soon.

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