Gonzo Sports Weird News Digest; Manny Pacquiao, Cristiano Ronaldo and a Hull City flop

Manny Pacquiao has been in the news lately after voicing some pretty questionable opinions, he’s the lead story in my weird news digest.

Manny Pacquiao

It shouldn’t really have come as a huge surprise to hear Manny Pacquiao isn’t a massive fan of the gay community, indeed it wasn’t really new information either but nevertheless it made headlines when he made the following comments.

“Do you see animals mating with the same sex? Animals are better because they can distinguish male from female. If men mate with men and women mate with women they are worse than animals.”

He’s been dropped by some sponsors as a result but as I say, given that he’s running as a conservative Christian for a seat in the Philippines senate in May’s elections, it is no shock.  I don’t really want to judge the 37-year-old too much, obviously I disagree with his stance but I don’t like the idea of blindly condemning everyone who holds a different viewpoint to my own.

Manny Pacquiao, a humble man and a true gent, will go down as a boxing legend regardless. You can’t expect everyone on the planet to share all the same opinions when it comes to any issue, people forget that as recently as the 1980s homosexuality was illegal in parts of the UK and we haven’t written off everyone in history pre-that period as some kind of evil bigot, we put it down to the context of the times and in 2016 globally we’re still not all on the same page.  Having said that, the Philippines is apparently a fairly gay-friendly nation, which came as a bit of a surprise to me but there you go.  Spain and the Netherlands tie for first place in a poll run by Gallup with what seems to be somewhat vague criteria.  They suggest 87% of the populations in those countries are gay-friendly, which in a way backs up my point – is Pacquiao some kind of monster simply because he has some homophobic views (granted, pretty strong ones), regardless of whatever else he does?  If so does that mean 13% of the population of Holland (23% in the UK, 99% in Senegal…) are all horrendous people?  Nope. When you factor in that some of the LGBT contingent and gay-friendlies could also be ‘horrendous’ in that Venn diagram for one reason or another, that’s a big chunk of the seven billion people on this rock.

Call me a dreamer but I just don’t want to believe that many people are inherently bad, 5-10% I could manage but any more and it becomes a scary proposition. Whenever a person of note gets pulled up for holding prejudiced views I see it as an opportunity to publicly get them to alter their perspective through a coherent argument, rather than  bask in an assumed moral superiority through outright derision.  We may believe ourselves to be a progressive and enlightened society but we are prone to sensationalism, so rather than looking at this kind of thing rationally it gets overblown, and as a result Pacquiao simply releases a quick apology, one lacking in any integrity, and for him that’s the end of the matter I’d imagine.

Education and questioning people’s beliefs with a reasoned argument is, I find, much more effective than smug moral outrage so I thought I’d offer a zoology lesson for the champ.  Because, ignoring any cultural or religious teachings that he has been influenced by, the science he’s used to back up his argument is massively flawed – and that’s as good a place to start as any

You do see animals mating with the same sex, or at least getting their rocks off as mating has a reproduction implication.  Indeed, the good people at Wikipedia have an entry on the subject.

The Bonobo apes are apparently a ‘fully bisexual species’, while male giraffes are more likely to mount a fellow dude than a female for nsa fun times.  Even the super macho lion, a predator Pacquiao has been likened to in the past, isn’t adverse to a bit of boy on boy action (pictured above is a lion who may or may not be gay, perhaps he doesn’t want to put a label on his sexuality, who knows?). By far the freakiest thing wiki threw up is blowhole penetration – both hetro and homo – among captive Amazon dolphins, which would equate to nose-banging in humans and I’m not sure that’s even a thing.  Gerard Depardieu and Lea Michelle aside, few are blessed with the correct apparatus to indulge… but then again it could easily exist, there are some very strange people out there.

Former Hull City ‘star’ axed for exposing himself

Remember former Hull City striker Nick Proschwitz?  No me neither particularly, I recall a bit of fanfare when he first arrived back in 2012 but not any of his performances. He also had unremarkable spells with Barnsley, Brentford and Coventry, or at least I don’t remember them. The now 29-year-old returned to German outfit Paderborn ahead of the current season but was fired at the end of January for exposing himself to a female employee during a training camp after a night on the piss in January, according to German rag BILD who ran it with the excellent headline ‘Penis Shown? Fired Player’ (somehow it sounds more comical in German ‘Penis gezeigt? Spieler gefeuert’).

“Nick Proschwitz is not part of our squad. I can confirm the incident and drew the necessary conclusions,” Paderborn president Wilfried Finke told BILD.

“A player who exposes himself as a guest abroad before a lady, we can and will not tolerate.”

Fortunately for Proschwitz his antics haven’t resulted in the end of his career, as he’s since been taken on by Belgian outfit Sint-Truidense, presumably with a ‘keep the mouse in the house’ clause written into his contract.

Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo draws comparisons with LeBron James

While Steph Curry is being heralded as basketball’s version of Lionel Messi, check out this utterly shite Daily Mail article if you can be bothered, Ronaldo is starting to remind me of Cleveland Cavaliers whinger LeBron James.

James has hit out at his team-mates on various occasions over the course of his career and earlier this season he labelled their efforts ‘half-ass’, as well as questioning their motivation at relatively frequent intervals. In a LeBron-esque moan, Ronaldo threw his toys out of the pram this weekend saying “If we [his team-mates] were all at my level, maybe we would be [La Liga] leaders.”

I’ve got a bit of sympathy for him, but hitting out at his colleagues probably isn’t going to motivate them too much.  He has since said he was talking about fitness levels rather than quality but I’m not sure that necessarily helps matters, it is a bit like saying “I wasn’t calling them shit, just lazy”. Is being lazy better than being shit? I don’t know but probably not.

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